3 GREAT Products for One LOW Price- BOOSTS your METABOLISM and DETOXES your BODY. Includes Premium ORGANIC Green Coffee, Fat & Carb Blocker & Garcinia Cambogia. REVITALIZE your Health

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Get the weight loss results you want maximum slim the magic coffee that melts unwanted fat works from the 1st day! This exceptional blend of pure green coffee bean extract and natural herbal extracts, it preserves the essential health benefits of the unroasted green coffee beans, while also providing the balance of rich coffee flavor and the convenience of an instant coffee. Ignites metabolism, to reduce fat instantly significantly reduce BMI increases energy, detox and cleanse your body. All-natural weight-loss ingredients maximize the benefits of 90% chromogenic acid (HCA 90%) we give to you our 100% quality commitment. A slimming drink that results in amazing weight loss preliminary studies on Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee have shown that it is a purely natural, healthy and safe slimming drink that results in amazing weight loss. Natural green coffee which assists in weight loss. Maximum Trim - All NATURAL INGREDIENTS *100% Pure Burns Fat* Suppress Appetite* Blocks Formulation of Fat* Increase Lean Muscle Mass* Supports Boost in Serotonin Levels* Supports Healthy Cholesterol* Maximum Slim Fat and Carb Blocker’s is The Most Effective Fat and Carb Blocker you will find. It is a exclusive formulation of HIGHEST QUALITY OF White kidney Bean Extract, Chitosan, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garcinia Cambogia and Aloe. MAXIMUM SLIM Advanced Fat and Carb Blocker has been providing customers WORLDWIDE achieve great RESULTS. Normally when you eat carbs, your body digests it as sugar which goes straight into your bloodstream and gets deposited as fat. Our White Kidney Bean Extract prevents the stomach from breaking carbs down into simple sugars Blocks sugar by up to 66% Blocks fat by up to 28% with no messy side effects. Formulated for Men and Women Maximum Slim Coffee Kit give you the best of ALL worlds. Boost Metabolism, Target Stubborn Belly Fat and help block Fats and Sugars. TRY MAXIMUM SLIM COFFEE KIT, YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID!

About the product
  • Maximum Slim Coffee Kit is a perfect combination to JUMP START your weight loss GOAL
  • Maximum Slim Coffee Kit contains: Original Green Coffee, Fat & Carb Blocker and Garcinia Cambogia (Maximum Trim)
  • The Magic Coffee that MELTS FAT AWAY. Maximum Slim Premium Organic Coffee, WORKS FROM DAY 1. Maximum Slim Ignites your Metabolism to burn sugar, fat, and significantly reduce BMI. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Helps Control Appetite & Fights Fat Production.
  • MORE POWERFUL 95% HCA GARCINIA CAMBOGIA has 35% more HCA than other brands. This is the very effective all-natural way to stop hunger that makes you snack and over eat. Use wisely with sensible meals and regular exercise to lose inches and drop pounds.
  • Maximum Slim Fat & Carb Blocker’s powerful 4 in 1 Formula contains White Kidney Bean, Fat Blocker with Chitosan, Appetite Suppress, & Metabolism Booster/Fat. This formula addresses the most critical elements of successful weight loss….making it perfect for individuals who want to drop those unwanted pounds faster than before.